The Trail of Painted Ponies has created the "Celebrity Collection" to showcase the tremendous artistic talent of well known celebrities. These multi-talented artists have also demonstrated their compassion and commitment to philanthropy. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each Painted Pony in the "Celebrity Collection," goes to support the non-profit organization of the celebrity's choice.

Legendary Hollywood Actor/Artist Tony Curtis launched the "Celebrity Collection" for The Trail of Painted Ponies in 2010 with his Painted Pony titled, "Shiloh." Mr. Curtis painted the life-size "Shiloh" and it has been carefully re-creafted as a figurine. This miniature work of art was created by Tony Curtis to showcase some of his most stunning paintings that feature one of his most beloved companion...cats.

A portion of all proceeds from each "Shiloh" figurine were donated to support Shiloh Horse Rescue and Sanctuary, founded by Jill and Tony Curtis. Shiloh Horse Rescue and Sanctuary is a highly respected organization which provides quality lifetime care for horses rescued from abuse, neglect and peril.

"We are thrilled to partner with American screen icon and renowned painter, Tony Curtis, for the launch of our new Celebrity Collection. Tony Curtis is an extraordinary and inspirational talent and we are deeply impressed with the charitable commitment of Tony and Jill Curtis" says Karlynn Keyes, former President of The Trail of Painted Ponies.

"I am devoted to art and to the mission of Shiloh Horse Sanctuary and am excited and honored to work on such a unique project. This will be one Tony Pony," declared the legendary Tony Curtis.

The Trail of Pained Ponies is honored to have worked with legendary actor Tony Curtis and we continue to work with Jill Curtis and Shiloh Horse Rescue. To learn more or to donate to Shiloh Horse Rescue, please Click Here.




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