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Here are answers to the commonly asked questions about where to resell Painted Ponies, and what their current value is:

When collectors choose to resell their Painted Ponies, we recommend doing so on eBay. There is also a Facebook group, which was set up by Painted Ponies collectors and is not monitored by The Trail of Painted Corporate Office, where you can offer your Painted Ponies for sale. Here is a link to that Facebook group:

To find the current perceived value of your Painted Ponies, we suggest searching on eBay for the same figurine with a similar edition number. If you have an eBay account, you can look up what that particular figurine has sold for recently, and that will give you an even more accurate perceived value. 


Ken from New mexico wrote on May 20, 2023:
I have many older and retired painted ponies. Is there a guide that can tell me their approximate value?
Response From Trailmaster:
I'm afraid there is no guide for the approximate value of retired Painted Ponies. There are too many factors that come into play. Its physical condition, edition number, how popular it was, how many were produced, does it come in its original packaging, are there others currently for sale... to name just a few.

Jennifer Bartkowski from Wisconsin wrote on April 04, 2023:
Are there any painted pony figurines that are themed for mothers day or mother/daughter related?
Response From Trailmaster:
Yes. Please go to our Official Trail of Painted Ponies Store where you will find our Mothers Day recommendations.

Maria Q Garcia from Texas wrote on February 03, 2023:
I am considering to submit a few of my painted ponies. What are the deadlines for submission?
Response From Trailmaster:
The Trail of Painted Ponies is always accepting design submissions. There is a deadline for contests when they are announced, but there is no deadline for general submissions.

Stevie from Virginia wrote on January 17, 2023:
two of mine broke im so sad what can i use to glue them? do you exchange or replace them? Its #1461 and #12210 im so sad.
Response From Trailmaster:
We recommend using a strong, clear glue or adhesive from your local craft store. The two figurines you mentioned are retired and no longer available through The Trail of Painted Ponies.

Amber from KY wrote on January 16, 2023:
How many of each of the Christmas Centerpiece figures were made? I do not see that information on the website. Thank you
Response From Trailmaster:
5 Painted Ponies Holiday Centerpieces have been released to date. To see them, please visit the Collectors Checklist page on The Trail of Painted Ponies Official Website - When you are on the Official Website, click "Collectors" at the top of the website, then "Collector's Checklist." There will be a "Holiday Centerpiece" checklist there for you to view.

Donna Jenison from New York wrote on January 12, 2023:
Will TOTPP ever release the Paint Your Own Pony again? I know some can still be found but I was wondering if any more will be released.
Response From Trailmaster:
There are no Paint Your Own Ponies scheduled to be released in the near future. If they are available again, we will be sure to announce them on The Trail of Painted Ponies Official Website -

Curtis from West Virginia wrote on January 11, 2023:
Hey Trailmaster. Being its been 20 years since you started, "Trail of Painted Ponies" are you going to be coming with special 20 year pony to commemorate the twenty years you have been bringing out ponies and promoting art and culture at the same time.
Response From Trailmaster:
There will be NEW 2023 Painted Ponies figurines and ornaments announced this year. In 2023, we will be announcing new Painted Ponies on The Trail of Painted Ponies Official Store when they are in stock and available for immediate shipping, instead of taking pre-orders, like we have done in the past. All 2023 Painted Ponies will commemorate the special 20th Anniversary of The Trail. Please be sure to check back for these announcements.

Tamrin Gerber from Tucson Arizona USA wrote on January 07, 2023:
I am looking to purchase Santa’s Little Helper from the 2020 Christmas collection. I don’t see it on your website and I don’t see it under retired ponies. Do you know where I can purchase this pony? Thank you
Response From Trailmaster:
"Santa's Little Helper" is sold out and no longer available directly through The Trail of Painted Ponies Official Store. You may be able to find it online through another retailer, or at a store in your area that carries The Trail of Painted Ponies. To find stores in your local area, please visit the Store Locator in the top left hand corner of The Trail of Painted Ponies Official Website -

Stephanie from CO wrote on December 29, 2022:
Did they make any Christmas painted ponies for 2012 that are date 2012 on the bottom? I have been trying to find one as that is the year I am missing but have not had any luck.
Response From Trailmaster:
The Holiday 2012 Painted Ponies are: "Beary Merry Christmas," "Christmas Carousel," "Mr. Winter" and "Village Christmas Cookie." To see all Painted Ponies listed by release date, please view the Figurine Collectors Checklist on The Trail of Painted Ponies Official Store ( under Collectors, then Collectors Checklist, in the navigation across the top of the website.

Mylinda Sessions from Fl wrote on December 15, 2022:
I purchased a figurine with the number 6E/2945 but I cannot locate it on your website. Can you tell me more about this one? Thank you.
Response From Trailmaster:
The number you reference is the edition number. There should also be the name of the Pony on the bottom of the base. You can learn more about that particular piece by tracking it through our website.