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Here are answers to the commonly asked questions about where to resell Painted Ponies, and what their current value is:

When collectors choose to resell their Painted Ponies, we recommend doing so on eBay. There is also a Facebook group, which was set up by Painted Ponies collectors and is not monitored by The Trail of Painted Corporate Office, where you can offer your Painted Ponies for sale. Here is a link to that Facebook group:

To find the current perceived value of your Painted Ponies, we suggest searching on eBay for the same figurine with a similar edition number. If you have an eBay account, you can look up what that particular figurine has sold for recently, and that will give you an even more accurate perceived value. 


Donna J Jespersen from Mt Juliet, TN wrote on September 19, 2023:
What was the first year a Christmas Holiday Statue was created and released ???
Response From Trailmaster:

Missy from Florida wrote on September 18, 2023:
I’m looking for a pony that was painted by my husbands mother, Kaye Payne. I don’t have any other information other than her name. I hope you can help.
Response From Trailmaster:
Kaye created a masterwork titled "Storyteller- The Legend of the Dance." We recently learned that Kaye has passed away, and we send our condolences. She was a talented artist.

Jodee from Colorado wrote on September 12, 2023:
I was looking inside the trail of painted pony books today. There are some magnificent horses that where not turned into figurines for purchase. My question is why and will that change? I really want to some of those ponies.
Response From Trailmaster:
Thanks for your question. It's true, we have received many wonderful designs over the years, but we can't produce them all as figurines. The selection process takes many things into consideration, and there could be different reasons why a design wasn't crafted as a figurine. It could be the complexity of the design, the cost to reproduce the design as a figurine, or a similarity to a design we have already produced. From time to time we also "rediscover" a design we have passed on earlier.

Holly Mac Phee from HVL, Ca. wrote on September 05, 2023:
I have a 2004 Love as Strong as a Horse 1st addition with no number next to 1E/. What does that mean? Does that make it more valuable?
Response From Trailmaster:
Each figurine is hand-numbered by a person, so what this means is that somehow there was an oversight. A human error. While this can be considered an anomaly, it does not necessarily increase its value.

Brett Siplinger from Missouri wrote on August 18, 2023:
What is the most recent collectors book.
Response From Trailmaster:
At the start of our twenty year history, we produced several collectors books. The challenge this presented was that because we come out with multiple releases each year, the books, while collectors items, become dated. We considered coming out with supplements that pictured Painted Ponies that were released after the previous publication, but this just wasn't feasible.

Jennifer Whitfield from Denver wrote on August 15, 2023:
Were painted ponies always sold with a story card or was this something that was added later? If so when did these cards begin?
Response From Trailmaster:
This was something that was added when we transitioned from one manufacturer - Westland Giftware - to another - Enesco in 2010.

Brandie Caldwell from Missouri wrote on August 12, 2023:
Could you please tell me the artist that painted "believe in angels" it was an unreleased pont that was featured on the back of the original trail of painted pony book released in 2008?
Response From Trailmaster:
The artist's name is Maria Ryan.

Anthony from California wrote on July 26, 2023:
I recently took up collecting after my mom‘s passing to extend her collection. Is there a way to tell authenticity on the ponies sold on Amazon. And is eBay the best way to continue buying or is there another website that is just as reliable? Thank you in advance for your time.
Response From Trailmaster:
At the start, as Painted Pony figurines grew in popularity, we were concerned that we would have to deal with forgeries or knock-off lines. But what we've found is that it is not easy to duplicate what we have created, and over our twenty years there have been hardly any occasions where authenticity comes into question. If you encounter a situation where you are truly in doubt, contact us.

Nikita from Canada Alberta wrote on July 22, 2023:
will you be restoking any of the paint your own horses> every time I look they are always sold out.
Response From Trailmaster:
When we first came out with Paint Your Own Pony kits, they were hugely popular. But as we expanded to include Ponies in different positions - standing, running, rearing, turning, trotting - it simply became economically impractical to continue the line. But we will continue to review this decision.

Tom Farmer from Southampton wrote on July 18, 2023:
Hi, my grandfather recently passed away and he had a collection of 16painted ponies, i beleive a couple of them are rare 1st edition, including .. No.1468 No.1464 No.1469 No.1466 Plus a few more, all are mint in box still in plastic wrap with cirtificate/tag booklet My question would be what can i do with these as selling them will help towards the funaral costs, thankyou for taking the time to read this, kind regards
Response From Trailmaster:
Sorry to hear about your grandfather passing. It sounds like he was a serious collector of Painted Ponies. Your best bet to get top dollar for them is to post them for sale on eBay, along with pictures.