Official Trail of Painted Ponies Artists

Official Trail of Painted Pony Artists are a special breed. Not only have they created original and inspiring artworks that explore the creative potential of the horse, they express their artistic talents in other ways as well. We invite you to get to know them better….

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Etowah, TN
Painted Pony Originals from Sharon Anderson

Sharon is a self-taught artist, beginning her journey in 1984 with acrylic folk art projects and primitives. After friends, and then others, showed interest in her painting style, she opened a studio at her Georgia farm and taught classes for 14 years, beginner through advanced. That was during her "free" time. Taking care of five little ones and being a stay at home mom was her full time job. In 2004, Sharon and her newly retired husband moved from Georgia to their 40-acre farm, "Awesome Ass Acres", in Southeast Tennessee, near the beautiful Smoky Mountains. They take advantage of the many beautiful trails on the backs of their gaited saddle (Solomon, the big Appaloosa mule AND the namesake of our farm) of which Sharon also shows around the Southeast. Other critters keep them busy at their farm...dogs, cats, guineas, peafowl, chickens and a donkey named Easy.

Sharon says “I LOVE LIFE, I've released two classic country music cd's, have written poetry since the age of seven and am in the process of publishing a book of my poetry and the tales of the many odd events that have made my life so much fun! Being an official artist with The Trail of Painted Ponies, will now ‘ice my cake’!”


Warrenton, VA
Fine Art & The Trail of Painted Ponies

Devon's lifelong love of creating art was inspired by her mother's animal artwork and a generous stroke of family talent. She studied art at a number of schools and also taught private small group art lessons for several years. Growing up on the family farm in Burke, Virginai influenced Devon' s own animal artwork, as well as her love of horses and other animals. Devon's artwork also shows her interest in Native American art which first began with a family trip to Santa Fe, NM when she was a teenager, and from her husband's Lakota Sioux heritage. Today most of her artistic energy is concentrated on still life oil painting and Custom Painted Ponies for the special people in her life.


Lake Waccamaw, NC

"I am an untrained artist except for high school. For 5 years I worked in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Police Trainer, then injured my back and returned home. Art is a hobby for me. I have drawn since I was very young. I also paint with watercolor and acrylic. I have submitted work in the past and have always hoped to join the ranks as an Official Painted Ponies Artist." - David L Archie


Sumpter, OR
Lynn Bean Fine Art

A graduate of the Illustration Department of the Kendal School of Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Lynn began her career in retail fashion illustration, but is known today for her beautifully detailed and expressive paintings of birds, wildlife, horses, and Native Americans. Early in her career she specialized in watercolors, but her more recent work creatively incorporates hand-tooled copper, feathers, leather, horsehair and beadwork to produce interesting three-dimensional effects. When she is not exhibiting in juried shows around western North America, Lynn maintains a summer gallery in Sumpter, Oregon, where she sells prints, apparel, and beautifully crafted jewelry based on her unique designs.


Portsmouth, NH
Raccoon Studios
Official Painted Ponies Artist Gene Deickhoner

Denise Brown has written and illustrated two books on horses. A wild horse advocate, she blogs about the plight of America's iconic mustangs, their danger of elimination in today's West, and posts action alerts to help save the herds. Besides Painted Ponies, she paints draft horses and their intricate leather harnesses. She has published children's books on other animals and is well known for her beautiful landscapes in watercolors and acrylics.

See Denise's artwork at and follow her wild horse blog at


Simi Valley, CA

Official Painted Ponies Artist Gene Deickhoner

One of Laurie Cook's earliest memories is of drawing horses on the underside of the family coffee table. Many years later she attended the Art Center College of Design. At the young age of 22, prior to graduation, she was recruited by Hallmark Cards where she worked for almost 20 years. Laurie now enjoys licensing her own artwork for a variety of products including greeting cards, gift bags, home décor and children's toys. She also creates artful images of dogs, which are her favorite subject, using digitally enhanced photographs. 


Fort Collins, CO
Bob Coonts Fine Art
Official Painted Ponies Artist Gene Deickhoner

Bob has successfully developed a style of painting that is uniquely his own. Although he works with figurative images, he incorporates geometric shapes, circles, triangles and squares, creating stylized and whimsical paintings that are always colorful and strong in design and composition, and have been described as Abstract Surrealism.


Official Painted Ponies Artist Gene Deickhoner

One of the most successful actors of his era, appearing in a number of popular and acclaimed films of the late 1950s and early 1960s, Tony Curtis symbolized the Golden Age of Hollywood. In addition to his spectacular body of screen work, he was an accomplished painter. Embodying a philanthropic spirit, Tony and his wife Jill founded Shiloh Horse Rescue to rescue abused, neglected, unwanted and slaughter-bound horses ( Tony passed away in late September of 2010, but not before creating a Painted Pony appropriately named "Shiloh."

Sedona, AZ
Gene Dieckhoner Fine Art
Official Painted Ponies Artist Gene Deickhoner

An admirer of the great illustrators and wildlife artists, Gene is able to achieve a wide range of emotions and moods in his sculpture and paintings, as he brings a heightened awareness of the world around us. He is especially astute, and often revels in the comic connections between the creatures who share our planet.

Richmond, IN
Wild Horse Studios
Official Painted Ponies Artist Gene Deickhoner

"I have been customizing model horses since 2011. I mainly do paintwork, but do resculpt work on occasion. I also have painted for Stone Horses in Shipshewana, Indiana as well. In 2016, one of my customs was chosen as a finalist in the Breyerfest Best Customs contest. He was Top 6 out of ozver 500 entries in his category. Many of my customs are North American Nationals qualified, and many of my recent customs have been Live Show Champions as well as class winners."