Rod Barker

While researching a book in Chicago, this best-selling author came across a public art project that would change his life. Soon, this author turned entrepreneur, embarked on the adventure of a lifetime that would find him in a new frontier filled with horses that would stampede into American art history! And so, Rod Barker created The Trail of Painted Ponies. Born and bred in Santa Fe, it took the country and the art world by storm. Mr. Barker is an accomplished writer and public speaker who has been featured on numerous television shows including Good Morning America, CNN and the Charlie Rose Show. Mr. Barker is available for public speaking engagements.

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Rikki Carter

With almost 15 years of experience with The Trail of Painted Ponies, Rikki Carter oversees all aspects of production development, website updates, special sales and communications with artists, collectors and retailers. With a knack for special attention to detail and a true passion for The Trail of Painted Ponies brand overall, Rikki has become an expert in The Trail's behind the scenes intricacies, as well as the front of house management.