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Welcome to the Pet Photo Gallery! In the summer of 2018 The Trail of Painted Ponies introduced the figurine
Crossing Rainbow Bridge,” which inspired us to host a Pet Photo Contest that summer. We received so many heart-felt pet photos and stories that we decided to continue the competition, and give everyone an open, ongoing invitation to share pictures of themselves with their beloved pets who are waiting for them at Rainbow Bridge.

On the 1st of every month a winner will be chosen to receive a FREE "Crossing Rainbow Bridge" figurine from the photos and stories submitted the previous month. This is a $56.99 value! The winner will be picked based on the creativity and quality of the photo, and story behind the photo. Please note that we prefer photos of you and your pet together. Click "Upload Your Image" below, and additional instructions will follow. Scroll further down this page to see previously submitted pet photos and stories.

Crossing Rainbow Bridge by Janee Hughes

"What happens when a beloved pet dies?" It’s said there is a special bridge of many colors connecting Heaven and Earth where there are meadows and hills with lush green grass, and the spirits of our deceased furry friends - dogs, cats and horses - run and play together… until the day comes when we are joyfully reunited with them. Then we cross over Rainbow Bridge together, never to be parted again.

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I lost my beautiful Tango in November. She was the most loyal, obedient, loving dog anyone could ever ask for. I miss her everyday and will never forget her. She took a piece of my heart with her ❤️❤️

walking after a ride

Strider and I are just walking to cool down after a ride, Strider can be a bit overprotective thank goodness. I don't know how I would have survived these last few years since I have epilepsy. Strider is always there for me no matter what. He has a nervous nip because he worrying about me. I love him more than anyone, He's my partner through thick and thin.


We went to a rescue looking for a donkey to keep our miniature horses company out in our barn. We were searching and all of a sudden I heard a loud ruckus of a trailer door opening and two horses stumbling out... I saw my horse for the first time, and we automatically knew he was going to be mine. Automatically clicking with him, we came back a couple weeks later and got him. Not only did he make me the happiest little girl in the world, he was also my best friend, my other half. I knew he was old but not exactly how, until we had to make several emergency trips to OSU, ending up knowing he was to be 27. We decided to humanely euthanize him, as he was suffering and only hurting the both of us with the pain he was in. As he took his last couple breaths on my lap, I held onto his halter the whole time, just being there. Although I struggle two years later to the day, I never forget the good memories and times we had together... always in my heart baby boy. Rest Peacefully.


We went to a rescue looking for a donkey to keep our miniature horses company out in our barn. We were searching and all of a sudden I heard a loud ruckus of a trailer door opening and two horses stumbling out... I saw my horse for the first time, and we automatically knew he was going to be mine. Automatically clicking with him, we came back a couple weeks later and got him. Not only did he make me the happiest little girl in the world, he was also my best friend, my other half. I knew he was old but not exactly how, until we had to make several emergency trips to OSU, ending up knowing he was to be 27. We decided to humanely euthanize him, as he was suffering and only hurting the both of us with the pain he was in. As he took his last couple breaths on my lap, I held onto his halter the whole time, just being there. Although I struggle two years later to the day, I never forget the good memories and times we had together... always in my heart baby boy. Rest Peacefully.


First and foremost, I'm sorry that I'm not in the photo. However, this is all I have left of my precious childhood dog Muffin. He died of heartworms when I was just ten years old. I cried so much when he passed. He was my best friend. I was so excited to see him everyday after school. My parents spent over $400 to try and save his life but God had other plans for him. I'd love to win an ornament to place on our tree every year in honor of him. I have so many memories with Muffin that I'll always remember and he'll forever be in my heart.

A Mother's Love

Cassie was a very special horse that I took in from a rescue. She was purchased from an auction for $25. She was starved and neglected and very pregnant. I took her in as a foster until she was able to have her baby but quickly fell in love with this very sweet soul. Just 2 months after being with me she gave birth to a beautiful little colt who was absolutely perfect in every way despite his moms deplorable condition. She was terrified of people, especially men and you had to work very hard to earn her trust but she absolutely loved children and was very kind and patient with them, including my neighbors son who is autistic and got very excited to see the new baby. When he got excited and started screaming and jumping up and down beside her baby I thought she was going to hurt him, but instead she put her head on his shoulder and nuzzled him. It was the first time I had seen her connect with anyone but me and it assured to me that I was going to keep this special mare. After that she became the baby sitter. You could put any child on her back and lead them around and she would take care of them like the precious cargo that they were. Unfortunately early this year at the approximate age of 34 we had to make the decision to put Cassie down. It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make but she let me know that it was time so with the help of the vet and with me by her side my beautiful girl crossed the rainbow bridge.


I lost Mijo in June of 2016. He was 18 years old! He was the first dog of my very own and he was all about me as I was about him. I miss him every day. I was there at his very beginning to his very end. We buried him under the flag pole in the front yard, wrapped in his favorite blanket, so that when I look outside I can see him. He was with me through the good times and the bad times and even the worst of times. He never failed me, he never judged. Unconditional love and a belly full of food (treats included) is all he asked for! I will forever miss him.


Frankie was the typical little dog that thought he was a big dog. Always barked at strangers and pretended he could take them. I grew up with this guy, literally. He became very sick overnight one night, very suddenly and we have no clue what happened and to this day still do not know. He was rushed to the emergency vet hospital at about 4am that day. A few hours later we received a phone call from the vet saying they didn't think he would make it through the day. We got there and he was for sure in rough shape and as soon as I held him he took a deep breath as if relieved I was there to be with him and he could let go. He was put to sleep a few minutes later and took his last breaths in my arms. He was my best friend since I was a little kid, he passed when I was 19. I will forever miss that little dog. We will meet again someday and I am a little less sad knowing that. There are things that happen everyday that still let me know he is here watching over me.


My daughter rescued Sam, a Great Pyrenees, from a puppy mill and gave him to me in 2009. He was about 6 months old and skinny but a truly happy soul. If you’ve ever seen a dog “smile “, you know what I mean. My sister, my mom, and I all had houses on our 85 acres. Anytime I would go see one of them, Sam would follow, and wait by the door for me. He loved to come into the house during the day, but insisted on being outside at night to keep the coyotes away. He was my constant companion and we loved each other more than I thought possible. Sadly, last year he developed osteosarcoma in his right leg. He was only 8 years old and way too young to die. As he had hip dysplasia, the leg could not be amputated. It would be too hard for him to walk on 3 legs. I made the difficult decision to have him put to sleep. I held his head and cried as the vet administered the injection. Sam “smiled” at me, as if to say it’s ok, I’ll see you at the Rainbow Bridge. The picture posted here is at home right before we made his last trip to the vet.

Our Lovely Meg

The year was 2002 when our family got Meg at the local animal shelter. A rescued black lab mix who was one year old. As we start different chapters in our life Meg was always there a loving, loyal and caring dog. We love her very much. She got lost once trying to follow our family but thankfully we found her and she was back home safe and sound. Meg was a good dog through out the years always wanting to play ball, run around the fields and play with our newest family member Sophie Mae. Sadly on June,15, 2015 we had to say goodbye to Meg as she crossed the Rainbow Bridge to live with the other dogs and hopefully one day we will be reunited again someday.

My helper my savior

Shunka was adopted by me at about 8 weeks and became my service dog. I trained her myself and she helped me with everything related to my P.T.S.D. for her whole life. She was instrumental in making it possible for me to go out in public again including new places which was impossible before. She went everywhere with me and helped me learn to talk to people again. In January of this year she had major surgery for a cancerous tumor on her belly. She was not the same even after recovery. In late June the tumor came back and got very large very quickly. On August 1st I had to make the decision for her to cross over. It was the most painful thing I ever had to do. She is greatly missed!

Oliver's Story

When I was 2 years old, my parents got a call from the Doberman Rescue in Illinois. We had just put old, sweet Sherman down, and mom was very sad, so mom was very happy to get a call from the Rescue about a pup in need. Oliver was small, and had been found on the street when he was 2 or 3 months old. Oliver and I got along from the start. Four years later, we moved to Pennsylvania to take care of my ailing grandparents, and took Oliver with us. They loved Oliver and when they died after 2 years, we started looking for a new home. By this time, Oliver was getting old and gray-nosed. A little while after we moved, Oliver got temperamental, and very inconsistent in his behavior, to the point were he bit me on the leg one day after going for my arm. Mom and I decided Oliver was too dangerous be trusted with everyone who loved him so much, so 1 week later, she left me at a friend’s house and met with the vet to have him euthanized. I couldn’t bear to be there when it happened because I loved him so much, but I knew it was the right thing to do. I miss him so much. Sometimes, the only thing that keeps me going, is that when I cross that old river Jordan, I’ll see Oliver again.

Rocky the babysitter

Rocky was rescued from a life of BigLick, he bore scars on his cannon bones from the abuse he withstood. When I went to look at him, he proudly sauntered out of his stall and introduced himself to me as a true Southern Gentleman. Despite all he had been through in the name of money and the many scars that now adorned his body, he held his head high and proud. I brought him home and promised he would never know life like that again. He carried my 2 young children over some intense trails, carefully placing his feet so that his tiny charges were safe. He would swim with them clinging to his neck as they splashed. He never got upset or shied away. I was riding him one hot July night, and we were hit from behind by a speeding car. We flew up and over the car, my shoes even went flying off. I came down directly on my tailbone and broke my right wrist. Rocky didn't fare as well, he had been struck on his right flank and he was not able to stand. We were unable to get a vet out there quickly, so a State Trooper did what we thought was the right thing to do and put him down right there on the side of the road. We buried him under a huge willow tree overlooking a pond behind his pasture. He was only 16, he was with me for 11 years. He saved my life, I am so grateful for that. I miss him everyday and have a scar on my wrist to remind me.

Lost without her

The sweetest and best dog I have ever owned is my boxer Daisy, she was my best friend and I love her very much. I was there the day she was born, I was there the first day she opened her eyes and I was there when I made that hurtful decision to put her down. Daisy has given me the best 14 years of my life and I hope I have done the same for her. I hope when it is my time to go she is waiting there for me just like when I get home from work, very happy to see me, I love you Daisy and I am always thinking about you.


My sweet baby Sis Miss was my first and only dog. She was the best companion and did everything with me from the age of six weeks old. She was born on the first day of Spring and started her young life camping, fishing, hiking, bike riding and kayaking with me. I took her EVERYWHERE I went. She was such a sweet, smart, loving dog. Last year she got diabetes and lost her eyesight. Even when she was sick she was so, so sweet. I loved her and she loved me back every day for many years. She crossed the rainbow bridge last year on Halloween at the age of 12 1/2. I still miss her every single day and I'm not sure I'll ever be able to move on to another pet after her. Thank you for this outlet that allows us to share the memories of our beloved pets who we miss so much. <3


Indy is my new 'very naughty' Aussie pup who has come to be my new best friend (I lost my GS girl Lucy and miss her so much). He is very adorable and everyone in my town stops to pet and talk to him. He loves all the attention. He also gets to grow up alongside my young granddaughter who adores him, when he is quiet!!! He seems to have a love of water and runs off to dive in the river... at least I know he can swim. He seems to find all the blackest mud. He loves everyone and everything, except people that dare to walk past my front door and does his best 'noise' to protect me from them.

Southern Rebel

This is my 16 year old POA rebel. I have had him since he was a yearling and I have loved watching his color change over the years along with his personality. Rebel and I competed in 4-h when I was younger and even at the state fair where we took a 5th in showmanship. Rebel and I share a bond that no one else can have with him, many have tried and failed. He is definitely one of a kind and is spoiled rotten.


Born on March 20th, 1989. She was the prettiest red roan filly. She taught me an I taught her to trust me. She was 25 1/2 when I lost her on February 8, 2016. She was my trail pal, cattle herder when needed, and she taught my daughter how to ride at the tender age of 3. Impressivelycheryl aka Jewel was my best animal friend ever. I miss her dearly an know she is on the other side of rainbow bridge waiting for the day she sees my face again so that we can be together forever.

My Labby Boy

My Quincy...adopted from the Humane Society in 2003. He was found as a stray and was 5 years old. He lived to be 15. He crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 5 years ago. He was my best friend, my confidant. I miss you, Quincy. Love always...

Miss Kitty and Aires

I adopted Aires, the brown tabby when he was a kitten. He fought a long battle with an illness and crossed the rainbow bridge at a young age. He was a sweet cat and is missed dearly everyday.


This is my big boy Mister, he came back to me after my sweet girl Desi passed suddenly. He had been at a horrible barn that was starving him, he was a shell of his former self. Three years, lots of good food, love and a trillion kisses later he’s thriving and I couldn’t be happier with him back in my life!

My Shadow

The first dog I ever owned. She was 14 when she crossed and I still miss her like crazy❤️

My best pal!

This is Jasper. He’s the best friend a girl could ask for. We’ve been through a lot together. He loves me unconditionally and I wouldn’t take a million bucks for him.


Saving one animal may not change the world but surely for that one animal the world will change forever. This is Superman (I called him Henry). He is one of the lucky ones that gets a second chance because there are people who care about animals. Others are not as fortunate as Henry.

A Special Bond

This is my husband and his service dog Grizz. We have had Grizz since he was six weeks old with all intentions that he would become a service dog for my husband. Before Grizz was old enough to work with him, my husband didn't really like to go places or be around large crowds. After we started his training and being able to take him places with us, my husband was able to comfortably attend our sons high school graduation. The graduation took place in a packed expo center where concerts are also held. Their bond together is definitely something to be seen. Grizz loves my husband as much he loves him right back.

Still going strong

2 year ago my partner past away, left me only with my horse, my dog and a lot of beautiful memories. After this 2 years I am happy to say that I am doing fine, managing all the things on my own,"Still going strong" thanks to the loves of my life, my best friends, my 2 partners in crime: This one goes out to my pets who are always there when I need them. So much love for my 2 pets <3

Candy Girl

Me and Candy Girl. She is at the rainbow bridge and was 29 years old and dearly missed.


Walking up a slight incline to have the first meeting with my foster horse, Ziggy, my balance was poor and I tired easily from just finishing radiation treatment a few weeks before. I had been diagnosed with lymphoma 6 months earlier and still had lasting symptoms from the surgery and chemotherapy. The next visit I was looking forward so much to grooming Ziggy that I wasn't aware of the hill ahead of me. Ziggy was a large aged part draft horse who had been rescued two years before I met him. As I curried and brushed him I couldn't help but notice the harness scars on his body telling the story of years of pulling a vegetable cart through the streets of Baltimore. He seemed to like the attention I gave him and stood still underneath the turnout shed without me needing to hold him. I like to think I helped his recovery in a small way, but I know he helped me on my road to health. It wasn't long after starting working with Ziggy that I was able to continue my volunteer work as a photographer for Days End Farm Horse Rescue. Ziggy passed away in 2013. His kind and gentle spirit touched many and he will be missed by all that knew him and grew to love him.

BooBear & Me

Me and my BooBear, he went to the Rainbow Bridge 05 January, 2018. He came to live with us when he was 5 weeks old, left for the bridge when he was 14. Dearly missed.

Snicker Kisses

This is Snickers, my mini doxie. She is a rescue dog and has been my bestie since 2013. I adopted her a week after we unexpectedly lost my other mini doxie, Stitch. She really helped me get through that unexpected loss. I love her with all my heart.

Kaitlyn and Alleycat

My 14 year old daughter, Kaitlyn Hughes with Alleycat. Sadly she was PTS only a few weeks ago because of cancer. She was over 30 years old.

Tara and Wyatt

Let me introduce you to Wyatt the Riot. He's a rescue pup.

Kierstin and Magic

This is my horse, Magic. He died at 26 years last winter. I laid on top of him crying as he took his last breath and I watched him go to heaven. I grew up riding him ever since I could walk. He is my reason of my love for horses. He was one of the greatest, sweetest, and best personality horses that I have ever encountered. No one knows what it is like to lose a pet until you’ve lost someone as great as him. To win this contest would mean the world to me because I would then have a painted pony for him to be remembered by. I hope you’re eating your favorite carrots and have a big green pasture where you are baby.

One Dance Left

One Dance Left, a Colonial Spanish Mustang and his owner, Gretchen Patterson.

Jennifer K.

We were together for 24 years, he was almost 28 when I made the hard decision to euthanize him on October 30, 2017.

Josie and Mac

This is me with my beautiful faithful old friend Mac Morrissey. He's been my best friend for more years then I can remember, he's now 23 years old. Here I am posing with a bunch of cow parsley for him. I love The Trail of Painted Ponies.

Josie and Lenny

This is me with my cheeky monkey Lenny. He's been my best friend for 6 years and he's now 18 years old.

Kathryn and Roxy

This is my beautiful Roxy who died suddenly on the 26th of April this year. My life will never be the same without her.

Fabienne and Miss Op

With my Little Miss Op who passed the rainbow bridge in June 2017. I miss her so much.

Sioux and Binky

This is my cremello QH, Binky, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge last year as the result of a tendon injury - he was only 6 years old and I miss him dearly. Binky was special from the start, born 20 November 2011 (in Australia, that is written 20/11/2011), he was orphaned at 10 hours and that was the beginning of our very close bond. I basically lived in my tack room for 3 months, commuting between home, stables and work, on public transport - it was crazy! At 8-10 days old, he was fostered by my leopard appaloosa mare Harli and so he was lucky to be taught to "be a horse". But Harli did not have milk, so he was still bucket raised. I feel very blessed to have had Binky in my life, to have the amazing experience of hand raising him, of seeing Harli take on a foal by free choice who wasn't her own, for having the chance to have such an incredible bond with a horse.

Tara and Brooke

This is me and my forever horse, Brooke. She was my first project horse that was rescued from an abusive life and ended up being the most kind and gentle soul I have ever encountered. Brooke crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2013 due to an illness. As I said before, she is my forever horse. Even though she is gone, she is always with me in my memories and my heart.

Amanda and Morgan

Here are a picture of me with my corgi, Morgan. Morgan loves to dress up and smile, and is very photogenic.

Laura and Shaker

This is my one of my favorite photos of my horse Shaker and I. Shaker passed away from colic Easter weekend at the end of March while I was away. I love my boy more than anything in this life. My biggest regret will always be that I was not with him when he had to leave this world. He was fearless, stubborn, an amazing teacher, best friend and confidant and sassy as can be for a 18 year old gelding. I prayed to have more years with him. This I will not get, but I am so thankfully every day for that path that lead me to having him in my life. I love and miss my baby shaker every day.

Adelynn and Rosie

Adelynn and her horse Rosie.

Destiny, Indy, Roxie

Me and my girls Indy, who is a husky mix, and Roxie, who is a red heeler mix.