Leach, Jesse

Born, raised and living in New Jersey, Jesse Leach is one of those multi-faceted artists whose creative talent was recognized at an early age. She excelled in Art in grammar school. In high school she placed first in regional and state art  exhibitions. She majored in Fine Art in college where her sculpting professor said she was born to sculpt.

“I was putting myself through school as a waitress, working the night shift, and I would go to his studio early in the morning and stay until the janitor turned out the lights. Once I got my hands in clay, I came alive. To this day, I am always twisting paper clips, napkins, anything I can get my hands on.” Jesse’s artistic abilities also found expression in her working life. For years she worked at a Lace Design Studio, residing close to the garment district in New York, where she dealt with designers like Victoria’s Secret, Vera Wang and Banana Republic. She also did stints as an illustrator and graphic artist.

For several years now she has  been passionate about creating wonderfully varied custom Painted Ponies. “I couldn’t stop once I started. I use my knowledge of color, sculpting, drawing, flower arrangement and lace in my creations. With these Ponies, I no longer see my work with others names on it. I still work in an office, but rush home every day to pick up these beautiful little canvases and grow creatively.”

She has also developed a substantial following for her unique custom Ponies, who agree with this testimonial by one of her best collectors. “Over the past couple of years, I have come to know Jesse Leach as an accomplished artist and wonderful friend. Those of us who are serious collectors of Trail of Painted Ponies custom horses appreciate the depth and breadth of her talent. I am fortunate to have over 70 of her creations in my collection and all are the most diverse of my collection and each one is more special than the next.”

Painted Pony figurines by Jesse Leach: