Halloween Harvest Contest 2019 Winners Announced!

A Very Special Thank You to everyone who submitted designs. And the winners are...

Purrrfectly Ghostly by Lorna Matsuda
$250 credit to The Trail of Painted Ponies Official Store

All the black kitty cats are ready for the scariest night of the year, and a purrrfectly ghostly Pony helps to celebrate Halloween night. Black cats are one of the many things that are a symbol of this special evening. Turn off the light and watch their eyes glow.

"Being a realist artist I strive to capture the true spirit and character of each subject I paint. The eyes are a very important factor when I do a painting. I work in many different mediums such as feathers, rock, leather, bone, as well as traditional canvas and acrylic based mediums, along with my beloved Painted Ponies.

I also do commissioned work for clients. My art has been a life long journey and will be with me as long as I am able to paint, it inspires me and takes me to a place of peace and tranquility in the many hours I spend painting."



Spooktacular by Ann Yarbrough
$100 credit to The Trail of Painted Ponies Official Store

In the glow of the red, yellow and orange harvest sunset, put on a big pot of boiling ghost water. Watch as the friendly little ghosts come to life only for Halloween night. Don't worry, they won't harm you. They're only out to have a "Spooktacular" time. Happy Halloween!

Ann Yarbrough's artistic inspiration comes from her Granddad, husband, son, family and friends. She has painted 21 murals in her hometown of Cedartown, GA, designed the book cover for her county's heritage book, worked and painted on movie sets, and been part of a 3 month long exhibition of Painted Ponies called Painted Dreams. She says "being part of The Trail has been a wonderful ride and a joy to be a part of."



That Voodoo You Do by Aimee Skee
$50 credit to The Trail of Painted Ponies Official Store

The Witchdoctor. That's who they recommended to solve your ailment. Bone mask and glowing red eyes, could you trust the tricks of the Mystic? Out of the darkness it appears, purple mist swirling around its equine body. You probably should take caution, you don't know what kind of magic they are capable of doing.

I am a wildlife and fantasy artist, who works mostly in mixed media and sculpture but I like to experiment in other mediums. I enjoy drastically customizing Breyer horse models in my spare time. There is just something so wonderful to breathe new life into them! Some of my past work has been seen in the Breyerfest Customs Contest, and I was also an artist on a virtual pet site.



Phantasm by Aloma Wolfington

I'll wait for you in the darkest night. I'll give to you a most terrible fright! Your bones will go dry, they'll rattle and quake. All for the Phantasm fear, that for you I make. So close your eyes and fervently pray...dear Lord make this apparition from me go away...Make him solid and small and on a shelf to set... For the brave to keep watch and their safety they get.

One of my fondest memories of Grandma is when she opened her bible up and stuck between the pages was a slip of paper with a fairly descent horse drawn on it. As she handed it to me I saw she'd written on the back of it, my age ... 3 years old when drawn. I was in my late twenties at this time and was touched that she'd kept it there all that time.

Grandma told me to keep it and that there would be special things ahead for me if I used well the talents that God had given me. I do thank God for His gifts and the people He has surrounded me with, the encouragement from my family and friends who "think I can color inside the lines".  I have come a few steps forward in my abilities to draw since that 3 years old's dream horse and can only hope that other people who view my efforts will in some way take pleasure at what they find.


Happy Haunting by Emily Overman

Glowing moonlight casts ghostly shadows, and mist lingers in the air. Tree branches sway to the haunting winds that bring chills and thrills to the night. Atop a hill sits a dark mansion, and mysterious screams can be heard coming from inside. Only the bravest of tricker treaters would enter, bringing them a frightfully fun Halloween night.

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and it always brings back nostalgic memories from my childhood. I love the mysterious feel when October finally arrives, and I am especially fond of haunted houses. This design is inspired by what I've always known classic Halloween to look like, and it features some of my favorite spooky themes.


Haunted House Party by Susan Sizemore

All the spookiest are gathering at the haunted house on the hill. Black cats, bats, jack o' lanterns and more are going up to the house to party on Halloween night.

"I have been doing some form of drawing, painting or crafts since I was very little. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, up near Mt. St. Helens, gave me perfect opportunity to draw lots of the wildlife I grew up around. After my first son was born, I started teaching art classes for children and adults in pastels and watercolors, then I moved on to learning scrimshaw and selling my scrimshaw on bone and fossilized ivory at trade shows and sportsman shows.

That grew into designing teeshirts from scratchboard drawings and opening up several online shops selling them, and also hand made mohair teddy bears. I had my next child, and after some changes in my life, decided to do more painting, and have been designing and creating one of a kind oil painted cloth dolls, painted and engraved gourds, also needle felting. I seem to always find something new I want to try. I am self taught, grew up with a family that was very creative, and so it is now how I live my life, I create every day if I can, and LOVE it! I spend my days taking care of my 3 sweet little cats, a lab named Bucky and my daughter Amy."