Fall Harvest Contest 2018 Winners Announced!

A Very Special Thank You to everyone who submitted designs. And the winners are...

Graveyard Gallop by Susan Sizemore
$250 credit to The Trail of Painted Ponies Official Store

I wanted to create a Halloween Pony that had my favorite elements of a Halloween spooky night, the graveyard, cats, bats, haunted house, jack-o'-lanterns and of course a witches hat because the Pony wanted to play along! All against a moonlit night.

"I have been doing some form of drawing, painting or crafts since I was very little. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, up near Mt. St. Helens, gave me perfect opportunity to draw lots of the wildlife I grew up around. After my first son was born, I started teaching art classes for children and adults in pastels and watercolors, then I moved on to learning scrimshaw and selling my scrimshaw on bone and fossilized ivory at trade shows and sportsman shows.

That grew into designing teeshirts from scratchboard drawings and opening up several online shops selling them, and also hand made mohair teddy bears. I had my next child, and after some changes in my life, decided to do more painting, and have been designing and creating one of a kind oil painted cloth dolls, painted and engraved gourds, also needle felting. I seem to always find something new I want to try. I am self taught, grew up with a family that was very creative, and so it is now how I live my life, I create every day if I can, and LOVE it! I spend my days taking care of my 3 sweet little cats, a lab named Bucky and my daughter Amy."



Lady Widow by Emily Overman
$100 credit to The Trail of Painted Ponies Official Store

Lady Widow portrays elegance and beauty with a dark twist as she haunts an abandoned estate. With debonair style, she trots around the eerie manor, luring in curious guests with her ghostly glow. This mysterious mare will give you an enchanting fright if you encounter her on Halloween night!

"I’ve loved to express myself artistically ever since I was a child. I really enjoy finding ways to incorporate creativity into my everyday life, and I like to pay close attention to aesthetic and small details. Drawing has always been a favorite hobby of mine, and it’s something that allows me to give my ideas life and share them with other people. I feel strongly about freedom of self-expression, and art is my outlet for staying true to that.

With a strong love for animals and nature, I like to use these subjects in my artwork and combine them with fantasy elements. Horses are a favorite subject of mine, and I work to capture their beauty and emotion when drawing them. My primary goal as an artist is to enjoy the process and create works of art that represent the visions in my mind."



Harvest Moon Lullaby by Lorna Matsuda
$50 credit to The Trail of Painted Ponies Official Store

In the crisp autumn night there shines a super moon of gold called the Harvest Moon. It is a moon so large and bright it lightens the earth and the paths of all creatures. As we look at its beauty, in the silence of the wild you can hear the Lullaby of the wolves' howls calling to it. It is believed that at this time of year they call to their lost loved ones.

"Being a realist artist I strive to capture the true spirit and character of each subject I paint. The eyes are a very important factor when I do a painting. I work in many different mediums such as feathers, rock, leather, bone, as well as traditional canvas and acrylic based mediums, along with my beloved Painted Ponies.

I also do commissioned work for clients. My art has been a life long journey and will be with me as long as I am able to paint, it inspires me and takes me to a place of peace and tranquility in the many hours I spend painting."



Witch Pumpkins Candy Corn by Howie Green

I did a witch painting and thought it would be fun on a Pony with a little pot of candy corn.

An internationally recognized Pop artist in the Peter Max tradition, Howie Green has won over 40 design awards for his work for such prestigious clients as IBM, LL Bean, Coca Cola and Hewlett Packard. He has singlehandedly redefined the idea of an artist's canvas by painting life-size fiberglass cows, 6' golf balls, album covers, public benches, a mural that covered the front entrance to Boston City Hall, a full-sized schoolbus… and two Trail of Painted Ponies figurines.


Jump In! by Steve Riecks

Every autumn brings the temptation to jump in to a pile of freshly fallen, crisp leaves. This little girl and her dog could not resist the fun of this annual fall tradition!

Steve Riecks is an award winning graphic artist, graphic designer, illustrator and fine artist with over 29 years of experience specializing in corporate identity and promotional print material. He lives and works in Parker, Colorado. Steve studied graphic design and fine art at Colorado State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1983. While attending CSU, Steve was able to study art history at the Palais Kinsky in Vienna, Austria for two months during the summer of 1981.

He was able to travel Europe and see some of the best museums in the world, such as the Louvre, Prado, Picasso, Van Gogh, Rikjs, and the Sistine Chapel. After college, Steve went to work for an ad agency in Denver, Colorado for two years. He then ventured out on his own in 1986 and became a successful freelance graphic artist and illustrator. His clients have ranged from small non-profit to large Fortune 500 companies. Print projects have varied in size from business cards to large scale trade show booth graphics. He also specializes in book cover design, newsletters, and annual reports.