Winter 2015 Painted Ponies Promise to Shine in the New Year!

Inspired by previous best-sellers, these figurines are sure to make 2015 memorable for you. Each design has been carefully chosen and hand-crafted, with special attention to detail. Read their stories, be inspired, and find your next favorite
Painted Pony.

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Prince of the Wind
by Kathleen Moody

Artist Kathleen Moody

As the story is told, when Sky and Earth gave birth to a royal son they endowed him with the power to fly without wings, the ability to dance without music, and the endurance to rule over the vast Arabian desert. Last of all, they painted his nature with beauty and grace, before enthroning him as “Prince of the Wind.”

The Trail of Painted Ponies is pleased to add Kathleen Moody to its stable of contributing artists. A phenomenal equine sculptor and painter who has created animal sculptures for DaBar Enterprises, Safari and Hartlan, and numerous horse sculptures for Breyer, Kathleen is the designer behind the Arabian "Prince of the Wind" which is the fourth design in the Beauty of the Breed Series.

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SIGNED FIGURINES – You may send your “Squash Blossom” figurine to the artist to sign after you have received
it from The Trail of Painted Ponies Official Store. Please email us your contact information and we
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Squash Blossom
by Devon Archer

Artist Devon Archer

The inspiration for Squash Blossom comes from the artist’s admiration of the beautiful, hand-hammered silver-and-turquoise jewelry made by Navajo silversmiths, and the fine textiles created by Navajo weavers. Incorporating both of these highly sought-after trade items into this gorgeous design – a squash blossom pendant for the breast plate, a traditional, banded, Navajo Chief’s Blanket draped over the Pony’s back – she has created an iconic equestrian tribute to the Dineh, as the Navajo call themselves.



"I had first seen the Painted Ponies in a local gift shop and thought the concept very unique. A couple of my friends had begun to collect them and after studying the Ponies, I thought that it would be a great challenge to come up with designs. Shortly after seeing the figurines, I saw in Southwest Art Magazine an ad placed by The Trail of Painted Ponies announcing the "Native Art of Horse Painting National Art Competition", a call to artists to enter. That was the trigger for me to come up with a Painted Pony design. This was the beginning of my trail ride with The Trail of Painted Ponies." -Devon Archer

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Star Spangled Rodeo
by Karlynn Keyes & Valor Lee

Artists Karlynn Keyes & Valor Lee

“Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together as we welcome, Star Spangled Rodeo.”

With that introduction, a magnificent white Appaloosa decorated with a distinctive blue-star pattern prances into the center of the arena, a sight so beautiful that fans are left breathless. As they leap to their feet, the rumble of a trumpet signals the start of the National Anthem, Old Glory snaps in the breeze, the thunder of applause swells from the stands, and another Rodeo begins…

Cowboy Up!

Karlynn Keyes –The former President of The Trail of Painted Ponies is also a talented designer who has created some of the best-selling Painted Ponies of all time, including Cowgirl Cadillac, King of Hearts & Silverado. Now, she has taken her entrepreneurial spirit and developed an exciting new design company with her daughter, Valor Lee. To learn more about their new brands, please visit:


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Tickled Pink
by Aloma Wolfington

Artist Aloma Wolfington

My heart sings, I’m in harmony with you
Joyful elation, I’ll never be blue
I’m Tickled Pink, you’ve played the right key
Loves inspiration, the whole world can see


"One of my fondest memories of Grandma is when she opened her bible up and stuck between the pages was a slip of paper with a fairly descent horse drawn on it. As she handed it to me I saw she'd written on the back of it, my age ... 3 years old when drawn. I was in my late twenties at this time and was touched that she'd kept it there all that time. Grandma told me to keep it and that there would be special things ahead for me if I used well the talents that God had given me.  I do thank God for His gifts and the people He has surrounded me with, the encouragement from my family and friends who "think I can color inside the lines".  I have come a few steps forward in my abilities to draw since that 3 years old's dream horse and can only hope that other people who view my efforts will in some way take pleasure at what they find." -Aloma Wolfington

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Pony Lover
by Kim Ratigan

Artist Kim Ratigan

An avid animal lover from an early age who was always sketching horses, dogs and cats, this Canadian grew up in the city with a fantasy that someday she would wake up and run to the window, and in the front yard would be an awesome, beautiful and wonderful Pony waiting for her. Later, when she grew up to be an artist, she played with the idea that maybe, if she actually drew and painted the Pony of her dreams, what she pictured in her mind might someday become a reality. So she picked up a brush and went to work, and when she was done, the result was “Pony Lover.”

An advertising illustrator turned fine artist who specialized in pet portraiture, Kim entered into the world of Painted Ponies in 2009 when her design won 1st place in The Trail of Painted Ponie's Art of Horse Racing Competition. To Kim's delight, her first winning design, The Front Runner, was also made into a Trail of Painted Ponies Figurine. From Canada, Kim is proud to be welcomed as part of The Trail of Painted Ponies family of international artists.