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Emma Foster from Marina, California wrote on April 23, 2017:
Hi there, I have recently found the Short Faux Suede Fur Lined Coat (Style 211) featuring Fetish Pony, Year of the Horse, Renewal of Life, and Kindred Spirits designs in a Goodwill for $10 in excellent condition. I am inquiring about the possible current value of this coat as I have only found one other person selling online for $145. Thank you, Emma
Response From Trailmaster:
Branded apparel does not generally appreciate in value over time the way collectible figurines do, so it would be impossible to put a current value on these coats other than to say it would be considerably more than $10.

Betsy Bauer from California wrote on April 05, 2017:
Very excited to see the upcoming expansion of the TOPP line with Fire & Ice. Will they be battery operated and will they still be numbered like the other ponies?
Response From Trailmaster:
Yes and yes.

Teresa Sheldon from Olympia, WA wrote on March 21, 2017:
Do you ever do custom work? Like for graduation?
Response From Trailmaster:
Yes, we do have artists who create custom Painted Ponies for special occasions - birthdays, weddings, etcetera. If you are interested in working with one our artists, please send details to [email protected]

Emma wrote on March 15, 2017:
My mother would like to get the Christmas Canter pony with the cardinals on it. I was wondering if it will ever be in stock again?
Response From Trailmaster:
Please contact Rikki at [email protected] and she will help you find one.

Cassie Baker from Oklahoma wrote on March 14, 2017:
How can I look at the entire collection? I called about it and was told I could only look at them by the different collections but I cant even find options to look at the collections. The only ones I can find are the Standard Edition. I can only figure out how to look at about 80. I have no idea how to access the rest.
Response From Trailmaster:
You probably spoke to someone at the Official Store. To view the entire collection go to our branded homepage, click on Collectors and then go to Collectors Checklist, where you will find the entire collections organized according to date, and also an option that allows you to view the Ponies by theme.

Vicki from Oklahoma City wrote on March 14, 2017:
I have been obtaining ornaments of the Trail of the Painted Ponies and have noticed that some show to be created by Westland and some by Enesco. Are these both legitimate Trail of the Painted Ponies series? Can you explain?
Response From Trailmaster:
Over the course of the fifteen years that The Trail of Painted Ponies has been in existence, we have had two manufacturers. For the first seven years it was Westland Giftware, and over the last seven it has been Enesco. When we left Westland in 2010 and went to Enesco, Westland continued to manufacture a knock-off line of painted horses, including figurines and ornaments, under the name Horse of a Different Color. Westland gas since gone out of business. To determine whether you are purchasing legitimate Trail of Painted Ponies ornaments go to our homepage, and under Collectors go to the Collectors Checklist page and click on Ornaments.

randy thompson from washington state U.S.A. wrote on March 05, 2017:
I FOUND THREE TRAIL OF PAINTED PONIES IN MY UNCLES STORAGE, REST HIS SOUL AND KNOW NOTHING OF THEM OR THIER VULUE. they are in excellent condition.The artist are Cal Peacock,John Geryak and 1544 ghost horse.I was curious of the rarity and the value.
Response From Trailmaster:
All three of the Painted Ponies you found in your uncle's storage have long been retired, and so may be considered rare. You very well may be able to find someone who missed out on collecting them when they were available, so I would suggest you check on eBay to see if there are any other of these figurines for sale and what the asking price is. That will help you determine whether now is the time to sell, or if it's better to hold and wait for the secondary market to heat up. There is no official price guide. The resale value is determined by how much someone who doesn't have these particular Ponies wants them.

Lory from Ceres, CA wrote on March 04, 2017:
what does standard edition "open number", mean? Are these numbered?
Response From Trailmaster:
All Painted Pony figurines are numbered, but a certain number of the very low numbered editions are given to the Official Store to sell, the artist who created the Pony, and select retailers who have a history of carrying Painted Ponies. What a standard edition "open number" means is that the figurine may have a higher edition number. Qualitatively, however, all Painted Pony figurines are created with the same high standard of casting and painting.

helen from uk wrote on March 02, 2017:
Hi my daughter is doing a project on a america and horses are her love is there any history she could use on the painted ponies ? X
Response From Trailmaster:
Thank you both for thinking of us. I would recommend that your daughter visit our website and drill down in those sections that talk about us and our history. She could also Google us for more information. And if she has specific questions that aren't answered, she can email them to us at [email protected]

Sandy from 80130 wrote on February 23, 2017:
Is the value affected depending on if the box is black or brown?
Response From Trailmaster:
We never did brown boxes. We started out with black boxes, then moved to burgundy. Although it was expensive, we made a point of creating quality packaging as a way of enhancing the value of Painted Ponies as a collectible.